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BMD 101- Mandarin Language I -Diploma

Code:  BMD 101

Course title:  Mandarin Language

Level:  Diploma

Credit Unit: 2

Contact Hours: 4

Course Status: Non Core

Pre-requisite: None 

Course Description

The Elementary Mandarin Language course is intended for students who have no background in Mandarin or any character-based language.  This is the first of a two level Mandarin Language programme designed specifically for UiTM Diploma students.  The students wiill be taught appropriate elementary level vocabulary and grammar.  The course will emphasize greatly on developing participants oral communication skills in situational contexts through class activities such as role plays, simulations and other relevant oral tasks.  Students are expected to take part in all language activities conducted in class to ensure success in attaining the elementary level proficiency.  In this course, students will be introduced to the Hanyu Pinyin system.  In addition, Chinese culture will also be introduced in this course.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

1.  use simple and common words correctly

2.  speak with the correct pronunciation, stress and intonational patterns

3.  speak and interact in basic Mandarin in everyday situations

4.  use elements of grammar in basic oral comminication skills correctly and appropriately



1. Soh, W.N, Chia T.H, Liau L.S and Mok S.S. 1999. Huayu (1)













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