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Sarjana Muda Pengurusan Perniagaan (Perbankan Islam) (BM229)


This programme was introduced in July 1999. This is a three–year degree programme designed to produce trained and disciplined professionals in the field of Islamic Banking. The programme duration is three years (full time). In conclusion, this programme is offered in order to fulfill the requirements of the Islamic banking sector in Malaysia. UiTM is the first university in Malaysia to offer a degree with honours in the field of Islamic Banking.

Program Structure

Year One (Semester 1 & 2)

The first year provides the foundation in business related disciplines necessary for the understanding of the more focused business subjects studied in the second and final year of the course. Students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds are all brought up to a common standard during the first year. This enables us to accept students without specific pre–requirements. The students will study two semesters of courses encompassing a range of subjects fundamental to the understanding of business. These subjects cover Business Law, Economics, Accounting, Principles of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Introduction to International Business, Financial Accounting and Quantitative Business Analysis.

Year Two (Semester 3 & 4)

The second year will focus on major Islamic banking modules. It will cover the basics of Islamic Jurisprudence which consists more of the rules and regulations of Al–Quran and Al–Sunnah. Besides that students will be exposed to the Islamic view on property and law. The details on Islamic Entrepreneurship and Transaction will be taught as well as the history of Islamic Banking in the global context. Exposure to other areas of knowledge of economics, investment analysis and operation management is also given via supplementary modules to produce wholesome graduates equipped with both Conventional and Islamic banking knowledge.

Year Three (Semester 5 & 6)

In the final year, students will learn more about Islamic legal maxims which will be a continuation of Islamic jurisprudence. An exposure to the practical aspect of Islamic banking practices and theory will also be given. Students will learn about the globalization of finance and Islamic economics which include the ideology and development of theory in Islamic banking practices. At the end of semester 6 students are required to submit a project paper or dissertation which covers areas of the modules taught to them.

The managerial perspective dominates curriculum design for the final year. Courses such as strategic management, retail strategies, current issues in retailing and global retailing provide the necessary closure to the programme. Students are required to undergo a compulsory period of practical training in their final semester to prepare them for a smooth transition from the classroom to the world of retailing.


for STPM candidates:

1. Passed SPM or its equivalent with credits in English and Mathematics, as well as a pass in Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia.
2. STPM, passed in General Paper and a pass in two (2) other subjects with a CGPA of 2.67 including Accountancy/Economics/Business.
3. Have taken the MUET.


1. Diploma from UiTM or other institutions recognized as its equivalent by the government with a minimum CGPA of 2.60. Candidates who do not comply would need to have at least two (2) years working experience.
2. Have taken the MUET.
3. Credits in Bahasa Melayu/Bahasa Malaysia.


Admission of students is twice a year. Applications may be made:
1. Through the Unit Pusat Universiti (UPU) – June
2. Direct to Universiti Teknologi MARA – November

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this programme have a wide choice of job opportunities. They could work as middle managers or executives in banking institutions or other institutions dealing with finance, insurance and property.


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